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Prodera Group joins the UK Cyber Security Forum

LONDON – November 14, 2016Prodera Group, a provider of professional technology consulting services in the United Kingdom, announces joining the UK Cyber Security Forum as an associate member. As an active member of the forum, Prodera Group will join over 500 members across the UK specialising in the cyber security arena intending to drive innovation in preventing cybercrime.

“We are proud to announce our membership to the UK Cyber Security Forum”, said Pierce Lynch, Director of Technology Services and Consulting. “Cyber security is fast becoming one of the top priorities for IT and business leaders today. By becoming a member of the Forum, we hope to collaborate with a wider community of security experts to share intelligence and knowledge to help address the challenge that cyber security presents today.”

“With our Cyber Security and Risk Management practice, we aim to help our clients protect their most important digital assets and safeguard their business. To do this successfully, being an active contributor to the Cyber Security community is key. We are very much looking forward to participating in the Forum and openly collaborating with its esteemed members and the wider community.”

In an increasingly connected world in a digital age, the rise of security threats, breaches and information loss is becoming more prominent every day. High-profile incidents and breaches are reported regularly, with some of the UK’s largest institutions being targeted. Over the next 12 months, it is expected that UK-based organisations will increase their spending on protecting their business by at least 50% in an attempt to get ahead of this growing problem. However, to be successful organisations need access to greater intelligence and technical knowledge to be stronger, smarter and more secure. This isn’t something most organisations can do alone, as the threat of cybercrime becomes increasingly more complex and sophisticated every day.

The UK Government recently unveiled a £1.9bn national cyber security strategy (read more) with the intention of combating the growing problem of cybercrime in the UK. This highlights the growing trend in cyber security and emphasises the need for businesses to develop a robust and practical security strategy as soon as possible. But organisations can’t rely solely on the UK government to fulfil their security needs. In response to this, Prodera Group has renewed its commitment in providing a comprehensive portfolio of Cyber Security services that helps organisations build robust cyber defences and significantly reduce the growing risks of cybercrime that exists today. By joining specialist communities such as the UK Cyber Security Forum, we can play our part in driving the conversation to make cybercrime a thing of the past.

Prodera Group operates a unique collaborative approach to all Cyber Security engagements by working in partnership with our clients to ensure they adopt the right security strategy that proactively protects their digital assets and information. With access to a range of tools and technology, we aim to help address the emerging challenge of Cyber Security for businesses of all sizes. While this is no easy task, our experienced consulting team have the expertise and knowledge to improve your organisations security posture and give you greater peace of mind.

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UK Cyber Security Forum

About UK Cyber Security Forum

The UK Cyber Security Forum represents small companies who are actively working in cyber security across the UK, with over 500 members. Members of the Forum collaborate together to share security best practices, intelligence and collectively drive innovation in the cyber security arena. The Forum represents all the small companies at a national level. Highlighting barriers to growth, promoting small company capabilities, it also acts as a central contact for organisations who are looking for partners or suppliers from within the small company population.

Prodera Group

About Prodera Group

Prodera Group is an business technology solutions provider and specialist consulting partner. Our goal is straightforward – to deliver effective results for our clients. We proactively support, assist and supply businesses across the United Kingdom, Europe and Worldwide with a diverse portfolio of Managed IT Solutions and professional Consulting and Advisory Services. We are committed to offering practical expertise and developing IT solutions that aim to improve business performance, drive technical change and encourage agility.

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