About Us

About Us.

Company Overview

Prodera Group is an emerging technology solutions provider and specialist consulting partner.

Our goal is straightforward - to deliver effective results every time. We proactively support, assist and supply businesses across the United Kingdom and Europe with a diverse portfolio of professional Consulting and Advisory Services and Managed IT Solutions.

We are committed to developing practical IT solutions and providing unrivalled technical expertise for each and every one of our valued clients that helps them drive business change, increase performance and encourages greater agility.

We take a different approach to tradition and convention by always striving to achieve great results in everything we do. We want to make a difference by making sure that we are not just another technology company in the marketplace today.

Our Ethos

The emergence of new technology trends like the rise in a mobile workforce on-demand Cloud Computing and a greater focus on securely managing data are significantly increasing the operational demands of most organisations. Executives, technology leaders and IT professionals must continue to support existing business operations while striving to implement new technology to deliver flexible, secure and efficient services to an ever-growing customer base and workforce. Successfully delivering business change and technical innovation is considered a major challenge for businesses today - this is where we can help.

What can we do for you?

We take an ambitious approach to serving the technology needs of our clients. We don't operate like traditional consultancies, system integrators and service providers - we want to challenge convention by being proactive and disruptive. Our customer-focused delivery model is designed to encompass the complete business IT lifecycle through an innovative portfolio of services and solutions.

We work hard to understand our clients’ unique requirements and deliver results based on the outcomes they want. To do this, we combine in-depth technical expertise with valuable real-world experience across a diverse range of industries and sectors while maintaining a consistent level of quality that all our clients can expect.

We always aim to...

  • Achieve exceptional results and exceed our client's expectations.
  • Deliver on our commitments by being dependable, trustworthy and transparent.
  • Forge enduring partnerships with our clients, associates and stakeholders.
  • Demonstrate integrity at all times and maintain respect for the people we work with.

We are specialists in technology.

Technology is right at the centre of what we do. Our strategy relies on our aspirations to be a leading provider of business IT services. To achieve this, we need to offer a superior level of service and always focus on the needs of our clients; both in the short-term and the long-term. Every client is important to us and we want to build a strong relationship with each and every one.

Our future success depends on the services we offer, the solutions we develop, the talent we acquire, the business processes we adopt and the markets we pursue. We have a number of exciting and ambitious initiatives in the pipeline to broaden our ecosystem further. We are committed to providing innovative, intuitive and flexible digital capabilities that our clients can always rely on.

Our Group

Prodera Group operates two specialist divisions, Prodera Consulting and Prodera Technology. Both divisions share a common objective - to help our clients exploit technology to improve the performance of their business by solving many of the technical challenges that exist today.

Prodera Consulting

Our professional Consulting and Advisory practice is built on a solid foundation of technical expertise that is underpinned by an excellent pool of talented Architects, Consultants and Engineers. Organised into specialised practices, our consulting group is structured to address the complex and varied technology demands of modern businesses and enterprises.

From strategic planning and architecture design, to IT service management and cyber security - we help your business navigate a clear path for business change and IT transformation.


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Prodera Technology

The next-generation of managed IT - IT as a Service (ITaaS) - enables greater business agility, reduces complexity and improves operational performance. Prodera Technology offers fully-managed IT solutions that satisfy the technology needs of businesses of all sizes, across many industries.

Solving a diverse range of common IT challenges and leveraging the latest Cloud-based technology, our Axiom managed IT platform encourages better performance, greater scalability and robust security with the added benefit of increased commercial flexibility.


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United Kingdom (Head Office)

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Eco Innovation Centre
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United Kingdom
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