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IT Service Management

IT Service Management (ITSM) is a fundamental discipline adopted by many technology-enabled businesses to ensure a consistent level of quality and operational performance. Often characterised by the adoption of a process-driven management approach, a sustainable ITSM strategy is focused on delivering IT functions as services that fulfil the needs of customers/end-users and add value. A robust and structured ITSM approach can be a catalyst for reducing cost, increasing agility and improving the effectiveness of IT across your organisation.


With Prodera Group's IT Service Management (ITSM) advisory services, your organisation can reduce the complexity, cost and risk of delivering corporate IT services. Many IT departments spend a majority of each working day fielding day-to-day customer requests and problems, leaving less time to focus on innovation and improvement. From increasing customer satisfaction to developing predictable IT processes to improve service levels, our ITSM advisory practice is designed to meet the demands of any growing business.

Operate faster and smarter IT.

Every IT department should be trusted by every customer and end-users to provide the very best customer experience. By designing and operating IT services and functions that are fit-for-purpose and reliable, your stakeholders can have confidence in the IT capabilities that they depend on. Ensuring your support, operations and management teams are prepared and equipped to support your customers effectively is the foundation to a robust service management capability.

Through our experience of helping organisations build, develop and maintain service management systems (combined with operating our own capability in-house to support our Managed IT Solutions) - we offer the expertise to enable and accelerate the design, implementation and operation of an enterprise-ready ITSM capability to support your business.


Discover your customer's needs and identify your key business objectives to create a smarter ITSM capability.


Build and develop an achievable ITSM strategy that will transform your IT operation and business environment.


Implement, operate and improve. Put your advanced ITSM strategy into practice with confidence and precision.

Deliver value to your customers day after day.

The business benefits of a practical ITSM strategy are compelling and shouldn't be overlooked. Digital technology now underpins every aspect of the business environment, so embarking on an initiative to improve your service management capability presents a major opportunity to exceed customer expectations. With every ITSM advisory engagement, we aim to deliver the following key benefits:

  • Greater alignment with business needs and respond to ever-changing demands.
  • Increase business agility with measurable and consistent results.
  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce risk with greater confidence.
  • Reduce ongoing operational costs and increase return on investment.
  • Build effective communication channels with customers, end-users and partners.
  • Maintain control without compromising quality and customer experience.


Prodera Group can help organisations at various stages of the IT Service Management journey. We don't offer the typical rigid consulting services and 'maturity assessments' but instead take a dynamic and hands-on approach to each ITSM engagement to ensure our clients get the best results. We work with your business at every step of the ITSM lifecycle - from early-stage adoption through to evolution of an established capability, we are your trusted partner for IT Service Management.

For more information about our ITSM advisory services or to arrange a consultation, please contact us and one of our IT Operations Specialists will be happy to discuss your service management needs and expectations.

  • ITSM Foundation Quick-Start
    For any ITSM strategy to be effective, getting the basics right is absolutely crucial. Our ITSM Foundation Quick-Start programme does exactly that, by working with your business and its stakeholders to build an ITSM capability from the ground up that is aligned to your distinct requirements. Through a proactive engagement, we will guide your team through creating a strategy that works for your business. From identifying key services to defining key processes, negotiating Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and implementing the right tools and functions - putting a solid ITSM foundation in place is the first step towards service management excellence.
  • ITSM Excellence Programme
    For organisations that are looking to improve the operational performance of an established ITSM capability, we have developed our unique ITSM Excellence Programme to do just that. Our experts will work with your key stakeholders to identify opportunities for improvement across your existing service operation and provide expert guidance in how to fulfil these opportunities with measurable results. From developing incident, problem, change and release processes to drive efficiency or to introduce advanced capabilities, such as self-service and automation - we have the expertise to transform your existing ITSM strategy to meet ever-chaning demands.
  • ITSM Toolset Advisory
    Selecting the right toolset is a major consideration for any business embarking on a new service management journey. Whether you are looking for a new solution to underpin a new ITSM strategy or looking to replace existing capabilities, we can help make sure any future investment is on the most appropriate and fit-for-purpose solution that meets your operational needs. We can conduct an independent analysis of leading enterprise ITSM solutions on your behalf (including ServiceNow, BMC, Ivanti, HPE and Cherwell) and make clear recommendations based on your specific operational requirements and long-term objectives.
Get started with our ITSM discovery workshop to identify your service management challenges and take viable steps to solving them.
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ITIL® Best Practice

ITIL® is widely recognised as the leading framework for IT Service Management. Adopted by many organisations worldwide, this best practice framework has been proven to enable effective business change, accelerate IT transformation and encourage growth.

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IT organisations have traditionally focused on managing infrastructure services and technology as individual silos. This often results in misaligned IT capabilities with business objectives. ITIL® suggests a more holistic approach by managing entire business services and their underlying IT components in a way that ensures every aspect of the service lifecycle is considered so that the required functionality (or utility) and service levels (or warranty) are delivered to business and its customers effectively.

Prodera Group leverages the ITIL® methodology to actively help organisations develop and implement an ITSM strategy that will enable their people, processes and technology to successfully operate in the modern digital era. Based on five core principles that cover the entire IT service lifecycle, an ITIL® compliant journey consists of the following pillars:

  • 1. Service Strategy
  • 2. Service Design
  • 3. Service Transition
  • 4. Service Operation
  • 5. Continual Service Improvement

Closely aligned to ITIL® is ISO/IEC 20000 - the international standard for Service Management Systems (SMS) in the enterprise. This comprehensive organisation-level certification defines the requirements a business would fulfil to plan, implement, operate and maintain a competent and structured ITSM capability. Typically, each of our ITSM advisory services are aligned to ITIL® as a proven collection of best practices that can be adopted to maintain an optimal and effective ITSM capability.

ITIL® is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited.

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