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IT Strategy and Architecture

The role of Strategy and Architecture functions varies between organisations and is usually based on specific business priorities coupled with the current level of maturity. Some businesses operate a ‘project-centric’ architecture function but strive to operate a fully integrated ‘business-centric’ capability that spans and governs the enterprise as a whole. Enterprise architecture and strategy practices have evolved in recent years and have quickly become the epicentre of business change and sustainable growth.


Most organisations have a a clear business strategy that sets the company's direction and defines its objectives. A robust and practical technology strategy underpins and aligns IT with this overarching business strategy, and is extremely important in making sure the organisation works towards the most profitable and sustainable outcomes.

Every technology decision made today will forge the path of your business now and for the future. Are you confident that those decisions are right ones and can be implemented successfully with the outcomes you want?

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Prodera Group's IT Strategy and Architecture practice is the forefront of our consulting and advisory services portfolio. We are uniquely positioned to support your business in defining a technology strategy than spans multiple disciplines, functions and capabilities. Our specialist consulting team will help assess critical areas of impact in your existing operating environment, identify new opportunities and work closely with you to develop a robust and practical framework that can drive positive strategic transformation across your organisation.


Business and technology leaders are presented with a collection of challenges when trying to define a practical, enterprise-wide technology strategy and target operating model. These challenges are not always easy to identify and can sometimes require significant effort to overcome. Our clients are usually presented with a number of common challenges as a result of a misaligned strategy and poorly defined architecture principles.

These common challenges may include:

  • Aligning a technology strategy to business objectives and priorities, while ensuring value is delivered across the organisation.
  • Building a robust IT operating model that meets both the immediate and future demands of the business.
  • Measuring performance and maintaining control of business services, infrastructure and applications.
  • Quickly responding to new opportunities or threats without having to make extensive environmental, operational and technical change.
  • Driving operational efficiency by managing ongoing cost and reducing technical debt.
  • Protecting digital assets and securely handling information while reducing operational risk and protecting against increasing cyber security threats.
  • Increased managerial pressure to transition from traditional delivery models to emerging technologies such as Cloud Computing, IoT and data-centric services.


Central to our IT Strategy and Architecture advisory service is an extensive understanding of the key strategic and architectural challenges faced by organisations today. Through a proactive discovery and assessment process (spanning people, process and technology) - our specialists will be able to accurately assess your existing strategic approach and operating environment to give you an informed and independent perspective. This insight will then enable our experienced Consultants and Architects to work with you to develop a framework that meets the long-term objectives of your business.

We have reshaped the traditional model of strategy and architecture services; offering specialist expertise spanning the entire enterprise value chain to assist all our clients, big or small, in delivering successful business change.

For more information on our services or to arrange a consultation, please contact us and one of our Strategy and Architecture Specialists will be happy to discuss your objectives with you.

  • Technology Strategy Advisory

    From early-stage definition to ongoing development, we are able to assist with every stage of building a practical Technology Strategy that meets the objectives and prioritises of your business. Our expertise includes business case definition, architectural roadmaps, operating models and sourcing strategies.

  • Assured Architecture and Design

    Providing expertise across a range of technical disciplines - our Assured Architecture Practice focuses on Enterprise Architecture planning, development and governance along with Business Process Management (BPM), Target Operating Model (TOM) development and Technical Solution Design covers a range technologies across many industries.

  • IT Service Management (ITSM)

    IT Service Management (ITSM) is a critical component of any technology-enabled business. We offer comprehensive guidance in implementing operational processes to improve performance and deliver an exceptional service to your end-users and customers by leveraging proven ITSM best practices, frameworks, standards and tools.

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  • Cloud Computing

    To address the growing trend in emerging technology, our Cloud Advisory Service is able to provide expertise and assistance in enterprise Cloud solution design, implementation and delivery, system integration, security and operational management supporting a broad range of public and private cloud platforms and services.

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  • Cyber Security (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance)

    Cybercrime is the single biggest threat to the world's economy today and simply can't be ignored. Understanding the growing cyber security challenge and how it impacts your business can be time-consuming exercise and often extremely complicated. From advisory services, strategy and design, incident response and managed services - we offer support to safeguard and protect your business and its critical assets.

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Our IT Strategy and Architecture advisory services can be delivered as a standalone engagement or complement an existing architecture team or function by undertaking specific projects during their lifecycle. We operate a flexible engagement model for all strategy and architecture requirements that is tailored to the specific needs of our clients, ensuring that we can deliver effective and valuable results. Contact us to find out more.

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