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Infrastructure and Networks

A reliable, scalable and cost-effective IT infrastructure is one differentiator that many businesses strive to maintain and the foundation that many technology-enabled organisations rely on. Integrating complex data centre systems and global networks while balancing the delivery of services to end-users and customers remains a common challenge that our clients face everyday.


Modern IT infrastructure is under intense pressure to react to ever-changing business demands. Our specialist Infrastructure Operations and Management framework helps your business build, run and maintain a data centre infrastructure and network estate with precision and control. From consolidation to modernisation, automated configuration management to full-scale disaster recovery and even integrating Cloud Computing services - Prodera Group's Infrastructure and Networking team has real-world experience in designing, managing and supporting large-scale environments, global networks and complex infrastructure platforms.

Optimise your data centre infrastructure.

Our innovative partnership model and consultative approach can help your business with optimising your infrastructure and networks, better alignment with business objectives and ongoing cost reduction. Whatever your specific infrastructure objectives are, big or small - short-term or long-term - we can help your business achieve them so your team can focus on other priorities.


The ethos of 'just keeping the lights on' remains a fundamental concern for most IT leaders and professionals. Unfortunately, this is not always the most effective and efficient approach in the long-term and doesn't always result in a reliable IT operation despite all intentions. As a result, organisations battle with a number of common infrastructure-related challenges, such as:

  • Difficulty in accurately monitoring service availability, infrastructure capacity and operational health.
  • Maintaining a standardised approach to deployment and configuration of components across diverse infrastructure estates.
  • Increasing and unmanageable technical debt as a result of regularly changing system, network, data and application needs.
  • Aging technology assets contributing to unpredictable service-levels and increased failure rates.
  • Performance bottlenecks from under-resourced infrastructure components and inadequate interoperability and connectivity.
  • Sub-optimal user experience due to under-performing wide area network (WAN) connectivity and insecure remote access.
  • Lack of technical innovation as ongoing operational expenses often outpace available investment budgets.


Prodera Group is uniquely positioned to help clients with optimising and transforming their infrastructure and networking capabilities through a range of consulting and advisory services. For more information on our services or to arrange a consultation, please contact us and our IT Operations Specialists will be happy to discuss your specific infrastructure and networking requirements.

Optimisation and Design

  • Infrastructure and Network Optimisation
    Is your existing IT infrastructure estate meeting your performance and scalability expectations? Are you looking for ways to consolidate, standardise, automated and virtualise your infrastructure to drive more efficiency? We can help you get the best out of your existing IT infrastructure by making the right changes to improve your business productivity by assessing your existing systems, identifying risks and making clear recommendations how to address and support them. Targeting both immediate 'quickwins' and long-term improvements, our aim is to make your IT resources across compute, data storage and networking work smarter for your business.
  • Infrastructure and Network Design
    Making critical decisions about infrastructure design is no easy task and we understand the complexity involved when making the right choices. We take a holistic approach when designing reliable and versatile infrastructure and network solutions that can fulfil some of the most demanding and complex requirements. Through consultation with our clients, we explore all architecture and design options available to meet your distinct business objectives and translate these into comprehensive solution designs that are underpinned by extensive knowledge and technical expertise as standard.

Specialist Services

  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI)
    Leveraging the latest software-defined infrastructure architecture - Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) combines advanced compute, network, storage, virtualisation and automation technology in a unified and dynamic platform. Run any workload, at any scale and remove the complexity and cost of traditional infrastructure platforms. We can transform and simplify your IT operations by rapidly deploying a dedicated HCI platform for your business effectively replacing costly conventional infrastructure.
  • Hybrid Cloud Computing
    Run every workload in its optimal location – at optimal cost and optimal performance. Compose and operate services across both public and private clouds while maintaining flexibility and control. Let us help your business adopt cutting-edge hybrid cloud technology to extend and enhance your existing infrastructure combined with the power and agility of Cloud Computing.
  • Advanced Configuration Management
    Rapidly deploy, run and manage consistent IT resources using advanced configuration management capabilities. By implementing our feature-rich System and Configuration Management platform, Axiom Command, our clients can harness the benefits of comprehensive system monitoring and configuration automation tools across on-premises infrastructure and Cloud environments instantly transforming day-to-day operations in a flash.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
    Recovery in the event of a disaster is a major technical challenge and business expectations are often misaligned when it comes to business continuity. Protecting your digital assets across a diverse IT estate is a complex and difficult task, then the unthinkable happens... To help with this challenge, we offer support and guidance in recovery planning, design and testing to ensure your IT infrastructure can withstand a critical failure or catastrophic event. In addition, we offer a range of managed Business Continuity and Recovery solutions to continually protect your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Managed SolutionsGo to Managed IT Solutions

  • Managed Infrastructure and Networks

    Manage, control and protect your organisation’s network and infrastructure while reducing operational cost and improving performance and availability. Simplify and optimise the management of your network and infrastructure across the data centre and Cloud with Prodera's Managed Infrastructure capabilities. Build and run high-performance platforms and secure networks to connect your business and customers without the burden of managing complex infrastructure and networks yourself.

  • Intelligent Monitoring

    Giving your business total peace of mind, Prodera's fully-managed Intelligent Monitoring solution combines powerful performance monitoring technology with our extensive remote management capabilities to ensure that your critical business applications, infrastructure and networks are performing and fully operational 24 hours a day.

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Take advantage of the best of both worlds. Our new Hybrid Cloud Accelerator unlocks the advanced power of Cloud while maintaing control of your own infrastructure.
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