Project Management and Delivery

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Project Management and Delivery

Successfully managing any change project is becoming increasingly more complicated as resource planning, controlling costs and delivery timelines become less predictable. However, robust project management is still an essential part of delivering new capabilities within any business and can quickly define the long-term value of technology.

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The success of a project can mean something different to every client but is almost always dependant on clearly defined requirements, achievable objectives and controlled budgets. As a trusted advisor working in partnership with our clients, we are able undertake all the demands of the traditional project delivery lifecycle through a structured and pragmatic approach utilising the best skills and talent.

Our Project Management and Delivery services are flexible and offer access to our network of expert Technical Consultants and Delivery Managers. These specialists can be engaged on a consultative or a full-time basis depending on your specific requirements, budgetary constraints, timelines and project goals. We can provide a single dedicated resource or multi-disciplined teams accountable for any aspect of the project delivery lifecycle on a clear and predictable cost model.

  • Through experience, we have an in-depth working knowledge of end-to-end project delivery lifecycles.
  • We take a outcome-driven approach to ensuring successful results. Every engagement is governed by our Assured Project Delivery framework.
  • All project delivery engagements can be run as a fully managed service structured by pre-agreed outcomes, deliverables and key performance metrics.
  • All project delivery engagements can be combined with any of our professional Consulting + Advisory Services.
  • All our consultants are highly competent in the application of modern Agile practices and methodologies.
  • All our consultants are experienced in traditional process driven methodologies, including PRINCE2®, MSP® and PMP®.
  • We leverage industry-leading project delivery tools and specialist technology to support every engagement.
  • We are experienced in recovery and turnaround of in-flight projects and programmes that may be underperforming.

Assured Project Delivery

The process necessary to facilitate effective change and transformation in modern organisations can be a challenging prospect, even for the most mature and established businesses. Delivering new capabilities requires extensive analysis and planning as well as commitment from key stakeholders.

We assist many organisations that wish to avoid or have experienced common project delivery challenges, such as:

  • Misalignment between projects objectives and key stakeholder expectations.
  • Fragmented and prolonged decision-making with difficulties in mobilisation and execution.
  • Understanding, navigating and safeguarding against negative outcomes and delivery risks.
  • Poor stakeholder alignment due to a lack of engagement and communication.
  • Mismanagement of resource allocations or lack of required skills and capabilities.
  • Lack of budget forecasting resulting in unpredictable and uncontrollable costs.
  • Challenges with engagements that rely on multiple external third-parties and suppliers.
  • Inadequate assessment and evaluation of technology options prior to delivery commencing.

What do we do that is different?

In response to the challenges we observe across many of our clients' existing approach to project management and solution delivery, we have developed our Assured Project Delivery framework. By providing a consistent and proactive approach to each engagement, we address five key areas within the project delivery lifecycle in accordance with pre-agreed outcomes, service levels and performance indicators.

  • 1. Discovery and Initiation
    All projects start with an idea, concept or desired outcome. The discovery and initiation process is an important first step in making an idea a reality. Therefore, we focus on ensuring that the aim and scope of the project is clearly defined, documented and approved along with the creation of supporting components such as a business case, key project controls and initial cost estimates.
  • 2. Planning and Mobilisation
    After successful initiation, the detailed process of planning ready for mobilisation is required to capture the work and effort required to achieve the project’s objectives and to manage risk effectively during execution and delivery. This includes developing a formal schedule and budget, creating a resource allocation plan and communication plan as well as identifying all key deliverables, dependencies, stakeholders and risks.
  • 3. Execution and Delivery
    Once the project is mobilised, execution and delivery consists of numerous parallel processes to completed the deliverables and fulfil the project’s objectives. This involves the management of all types of resources, performing numerous activities and tracking progress. Through a structured approach based on outcome-driven deliverables, we focus on efficient output execution and proactive coordination.
  • 4. Governance and Reporting
    As an integral part of the full project delivery lifecycle, we adopt a pragmatic approach to governance and reporting that ensures we monitor project variables and performance closely and take corrective action to address issues, risks and change in project scope. This proactive process ensures that projects remains on track and aligned with timelines and budgets while providing greater visibility to key project stakeholders and maintaining quality.
  • 5. Communication and Integration
    As a service provider, communication and integration with our clients is as important as the work we undertake. That’s why we focus on ensuring we maximise communication both amongst project teams themselves and with our clients’ wider business to leverage valuable feedback and winning the support of our stakeholders. We also focus on integrating as part of a team and working in partnership with our clients, not in isolation.

Embarking on a long-term transformation programme?

Our expertise in successfully delivering complex transformation projects enables us to support long-term programmes of work which focus on both technical and organisational change. We do this by working our clients to prioritise and define the projects that fit the most with your business needs, identify new opportunities and ensure a structured portfolio management approach.

Thorough a combination of our project management, technical consulting and delivery services - our Programme Management capability is an effective way of improving project performance, reducing operational cost and successfully delivering long-term transformation and change across a wide range of areas.

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