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Enterprise DevOps

In the last decade, the IT industry has witnessed a dramatic shift from lengthy project-driven system implementations often coupled with onerous maintenance cycles to a far more effective approach of continuous innovation and evolution. This new way of thinking is now known as the 'DevOps revolution' where the delivery of business systems is rapid, collaborative and innovative representing a major cultural transformation within the industry. Many established organisations have openly embraced this new culture (including some of the world's leading companies) and believe it has re-energised internal technology lifecycles and unlocked new possibilities that might not have been within reach before.


Technology has always been an enabler for businesses to accomplish its goals. However, we believe Enterprise DevOps is a game changer and has already rewritten the rules in today's heavily digital world. It's no secret, as a technology consulting partner, we are advocates of Agile Methodologies. The 'DevOps revolution' has only emphasised how disruptive and effective Agile-driven approaches can be in defining a practical model for unifying core IT functions. This radical change is something that we have encouraged many organisations to adopt by removing the barriers associated with traditional IT operating environments that maintain an obvious separation between development and operations. This model is a thing of a the past.

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Essentially, our DevOps philosophy is based on 3 simple principles - collaboration, automation and measurement applied across 3 common organisational pillars - people, process and technology. We work in close partnership with our clients to pursue initiatives that unlock each these concepts by drawing upon a collection of proven methods and specialist tools to drive effective and positive change across these pillars.


Openly share knowledge and encouraging cross-functional collaboration to rapidly deliver value and quality.


Automate delivery pipelines with high-performance tools to promote maximum efficiency and orchestrate real agility.


Manage objectives through insight and continuous feedback. Adapt to change and improve with confidence.

Businesses can no longer afford to embark on lengthy projects to get new capabilities into production. Speed and agility has fast become the new normal! Our fundamental aim is to streamline the end-to-end system delivery and operation process across all stages of the technology lifecycle and continuously look for new ways to remove inefficiencies, improve quality and break down silos wherever possible within a modern IT department. However, this approach does usually require an targeted initiative primarily focused on cultural change and technical transformation to be truly successful.


Central to our Enterprise DevOps philosophy is the concept of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD). These two concepts have been tried and tested in some of the most complex and demanding enterprise environments with outstanding results when adopted as part of a structured initiative. Largely orientated around the software development lifecycle (SDLC), the fundamental aim of any CI/CD approach is release change into production rapidly through frequent iteration using reliable mechanisms.

It is important to identify the priorities that are important to each business early on in the DevOps journey. Every organisation has different objectives that are specific to their needs and we always tailor our DevOps engagements to ensure we meet them. However, we work to a collection of fundamental outcomes that we believe define a successful DevOps initiative:

  • Quicker delivery - reduce time-to-market, improve return on investment by significant reduction in delivery leadtimes.
  • More time to innovate with less time needed on break-fix and ongoing system maintenance.
  • Better staff engagement and satisfaction with cross-function collaboration and empowered teams.
  • Greater business effectiveness and visibility with considerably less operational complexity.
  • Robust and stable operating environments that reduce service outages, limit business disruption and outperform expectation.

DevOps and Cloud - the key to agility.

Combined with our expertise in Cloud Computing, cloud-based technology plays an integral part in adopting and maintaining a sustainable and comprehensive DevOps capability. With the flexibility that Cloud Computing platforms offer, it is possible to operate a fully-functional DevOps strategy that harnesses the true benefit and agility of Cloud. In the modern era of computing, together DevOps and Cloud Computing provide a powerful combination that can completely revolutionise the way that businesses deliver applications and maintain digital services.

We focus on all 3 pillars - people, process and technology. Technology (or 'tooling' as its more commonly known) is a crucial component of building a fully-functional DevOps capability within any organisation. While equally as important as transformation across people and process, tooling is the foundation that inspires cultural and operational change. Standing up and running an effective tooling platform is a major objective of any DevOps initiative and usually consists of a collection of tools and solutions that together build an integrated pipeline that underpins the delivery lifecycle from start to finish. This is something that our team has considerable experience in doing successfully.

We are experienced with many industry-leading DevOps tools, including enterprise solutions from Atlassian, ThoughtWorks and BMC Software. We also have expertise across a range of specialist/niche technologies including Pivotal, Ansible, Puppet, Chef and Kubernetes (to name a few...).

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