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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is revolutionising the way everyone uses technology today. The last few years have often been described as the 'Cloud rush' with technology providers launching a magnitude of new Cloud-baesd services that attempt to solve common business challenges. Adopting Cloud effectively can be a complicated prospect with every organisation having their own unique requirements. However, not all Cloud solutions are created equal and this can make the process of shaping a practical Cloud strategy particularly difficult. So, let us help kick-start your digital transformation with our expertise in Cloud.


Here at Prodera Group, we have successfully navigated the Cloud adoption journey many times in recent years and have become well-versed in overcoming common Cloud-related obstacles as a result.

Through our Cloud Advisory Service and newly launched Cloud Accelerator programmes, we draw on a blend of experience and expertise to guide your business in adopting, consuming and managing the latest Cloud Computing technology. The primary goal of our advisory offering is simple - to enable our clients to make informed and effective decisions on a Cloud strategy that is right for their business and then help to successfully deliver it.

The right track for Cloud success.

We work with all the major Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) in the marketplace today and provide in-depth insight into the advanced capabilities available and how to make best use of them, as well as the current usage trends and proven design patterns.

Our expertise extends across all Cloud-based service models:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS)
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

We also have expertise in a number of specialist technical domains, including:

  • Cloud Security, Risk Management and Data Protection
  • Enterprise DevOps, Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD)
  • Data Intelligence, Analytics and 'Big Data'
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Artifical Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive Technologies
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and Connected Devices

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform
IBM Cloud

Cloud Advisory Service

The path for adopting Cloud technology is typically complex and requires careful consideration to ensure the most optimal approach for your organisation. From workload migration to re-architecting complex applications to be 'Cloud friendly'. We can provide expert assistance ensuring your Cloud projects are completely successful from start to finish. Our advisory team can address the change required across people, process and technology with the objective of implementing a Cloud strategy that reduces cost, increases performance and encourages business agility.

Cloud Advisory Framework

Our Cloud Advisory Team will work in partnership with your team(s) to develop a practical Cloud strategy and long-term roadmap that fulfils your specific business objectives. From cost reduction to infrastructure modernisation and service improvement, we do this through a combination of extensive analysis and proven advisory practices that draw on our own experience. Covering all areas of the Cloud lifecycle (plan, design, build and run) - we are able to assist across a wide range of Cloud platforms, technologies and services.

For each advisory engagement, we usually focus on five key stages - Readiness, Strategy, Design, Enablement and Management. We have developed an innovative approach that aligns these five key stages of the 'Cloud journey' through a proactive engagement model that is unique to the industry.

  • Stage 1: Cloud Readiness Assessment
    Our expert team will assess, analyse and document the business drivers and technical objectives for adopting Cloud computing in your organisation while determining readiness and feasibility of your existing architecture, identifying risks and security considerations as well as defining the steps required to become a ‘Cloud enabled’ business (depending on the maturity of your organisation's existing IT operation).
  • Stage 2: Cloud Strategy and Roadmap
    The first step in putting Cloud computing into action, based on the findings from a readiness assessment we are able to define a Cloud strategy and transformation roadmap that is specific to your organisation. A clear vision and target operating model is an invaluable tool in planning your desired end-state before migrating any applications or services to the Cloud.
  • Stage 3: Cloud Architecture and Design
    From design best practices to complex application architecture, our experienced Cloud Architects can provide extensive technical knowledge and expert guidance in successfully designing Cloud-enabled solutions. Using proven Cloud solution patterns and architecture principles, our specialists understand how to achieve granular scalability, data segmentation and transactional performance when using Cloud solutions to deliver services to your users.
  • Stage 4: Cloud Enablement and Migration
    Once your organisation has defined a Cloud strategy, executing it can be a challenging prospect and migrating applications can prove difficult and costly. To address this, we have created a tried and tested Cloud Enablement framework that streamlines the migration process by providing enterprise-class tools and expert resources to lead or assist with migration planning and execution.
  • Stage 5: Cloud Service Management and Operations
    Streamlining service management processes and activities when using Cloud services is often overlooked. With all Cloud capabilities, the way in which services are managed is different from the traditional service management models. Therefore, it is necessary to define a service management strategy that reduces complex and repetitive tasks, integrates with existing processes and provides visibility in the health and performance of Cloud services. Our team has experience in implementing service management tools to optimise service management processes for Cloud services.

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Cloud Accelerators

To simplify the process of adopting Cloud, we have recently launched a series of Cloud Accelerator programmes that are based on common Cloud adoption scenarios. Our aim is to help your business get up and running with Cloud technology as quickly and as effectively as possible by sharing our knowledge and expertise in these areas. Our current accelerators include:

Cloud360 Workshop

Cloud360 Quick-Start Workshop

Our Cloud360 Quick-Start Workshop is ideal for organisations who have not yet taken advantage of Cloud Computing and are looking to adopt it as part of their technology strategy. Conducted as a series of hands-on workshop led by our technical experts - we provide practical, real-world insight into the current Cloud computing marketplace and provide expert guidance in how to kick-start your first Cloud-based projects on AWS, Azure and Google.

Proof of Concept (PoC) Accelerator

Proof of Concept (PoC) Accelerator

We understand the need to evaluate a technical solution properly to make sure that it fulfils your business requirements before making a commitment. So why should Cloud Computing be any different? To solve this, we have developed a specialist accelerator to get a fully-functional Public Cloud ‘proof of concept’ environment operational within a matter of days so your team can conduct a full and comprehensive evaluation and gain valuable insight. We will work with you to deploy and configure a dedicated environment using your own applications and non-production workloads and support you during the evaluation process to ensure you get the most out this accelerator.

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Hybrid Cloud Accelerator

Hybrid Cloud Accelerator

For some organisations, the need to adopt a flexible infrastructure capability that combines the power of public Cloud Computing with your existing private infrastructure and business processes is imperative. As the demand for business agility increases, we have developed a specialist accelerator to design, build and implement an enterprise-ready hybrid Cloud Computing platform that gives your business the scalability, performance and flexibility need to out perform the competition.

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Cloud Security Accelerator

Cloud Security Accelerator

Inadequate security measures for any IT service can adversely impact any business, potentially putting valuable data and sensative information at risk. Cloud Computing is no different and presents a different challenge than traditional security practices. Our Cloud Security Accelerator works to identify and mitigate common security and privacy risks across your Cloud-hosted applications, infrastructure and data. Our aim is to help our clients adopt robust and practical security policies, controls and mechanisms to safeguard their Cloud-based digital assets.

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Microsoft Office 365 Accelerator

Microsoft Office 365 Accelerator

With huge growth in the use of Cloud-based collaboration services, Microsoft Office 365 is the leading next-generation productivity suite for business. The primary goal of our Microsoft Office 365 Accelerator programme is to streamline the evaluation, adoption and migration process of Microsoft Office 365 for organisations that want to consume advanced productivity tools to help improve the performance by connecting and empowering their users.

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