Cyber Security

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Cyber Security

Making sure important digital assets are protected is a major priority for many organisations around the world. Cybercrime is the single biggest threat to the world's economy today and simply can't be ignored. Understanding the growing cyber security challenge and how it impacts your business can be a time-consuming exercise and often extremely complicated. It's not an easy task for any business to implement and maintain an effective Cyber Security strategy to defend against increasing global threats and respond to security incidents, but this is where we can help.


Prodera Group’s Security and Risk Management practice offers extensive capabilities to address a wide range of security concerns and prominent challenges. From practical advisory services, strategy guidance, incident response and specialist managed services - we offer the expertise to safeguard and protect your business and it's important digital assets. It is extremely important that every modern business is secure, resilient and prepared against the ever-increasing cyber security threat.

Safeguard your digital business.

To help achieve this, we have developed a Cyber Security ecosystem built around three simple concepts - PLAN, PROTECT and MANAGE. Each of these concepts represents the steps necessary for any organisation wanting to enhance their security posture and level of protection in today's connected world. We offer a range of IT security solutions that can be tailored to meet the demands of our clients and aligned to their specific security goals and requirements.

Security - Plan

1. Plan

Develop and maintain a robust PLAN to defend against security threats and respond to incidents before they happen. Understanding the risks your organisation is exposed to is the first major step to defending your important company assets.

Security - Protect

2. Protect

Proactively PROTECT your business, its people and its information and important digital assets by implementing appropriate security controls, processes and technology solutions to mitigate and respond to attacks, threats and risks.

Security - Manage

3. Manage

Effectively MANAGE your security defences to continuously protect and maintain control of your business all year round. Optimise your networks and infrastructure to give you better peace of mind and respond effectively to a changing security landscape.


Cyber security attacks have only grown in sophistication, scope and frequency. Many organisations are simply unprepared and unable to safeguard their business against this ongoing threat. Maintaining a robust cyber security posture is always about constant evolution and rigorous assessment, not just a point in time snapshot. Meeting the cyber security challenge is now a high priority for businesses worldwide, but many business leaders are presented with a collection of common challenges that must be overcome.

  • Common threats that may impact a business are misunderstood and are often considered a 'IT only' problem.
  • Many organisations lack formal processes and procedures to mitigate common risks and recover from potential incidents.
  • Business leaders and key stakeholders typically avoid collaborating together to build a united defence against security threats.
  • Breaches and incidents often go unoticed for a prolonged period of time, on average at least 146 days from attack to detection.
  • Limited investement in robust security controls and protection strategies leaves the business vulnerable to attack.


Prodera Group offers specialist Cyber Security services and solutions to safeguard and protect your business. For more information or to arrange a consultation, please contact us and our Cyber Security Specialists will be happy to discuss your specific security challenges and needs.

  • Security Strategy and Architecture
    Build and develop a cyber security protection strategy to support your business goals and strength your business to minimise risk. Unbiased and independent advice and expertise to help your business build robust defences with access to advanced security knowledge with industry experience.
  • Audit and Compliance
    Ensure compliance with security best practices and assess your current security posture to ensure to your business is protected appropriately. Identify and fix weak points in your existing security processes and seek guidance and assistance with achieving or maintaining robust information security standards across Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC).
  • Threat Intelligence
    Keep pace against increasing cyber threats and security challenges. Enhance your organisation's security and risk posture significantly by utilising our subscription-based Threat Intelligence services. Reduce the impact and disruption by understanding potential threats and attacks with actionable knowledge.
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    Safeguard data and applications with identity-driven security without restricting productivity. Govern and control user access across multiple channels (including cloud and mobile) by implementing robust Identity and Access Management controls. Securely manage your organisation's data with encryption and key management technology.

Managed SolutionsGo to Managed IT Solutions

  • Managed Infrastructure and Networks

    Manage, control and protect your organisation’s network and infrastructure while reducing operational cost and improving performance and availability. Simplify and optimise the management of your network and infrastructure across the data centre and Cloud. Build and run high-performance platforms and secure networks to connect your business and customers without the burden of managing networks and infrastructure yourself.

  • Managed Security Operations
    Achieve and maintain greater levels of security and stay ahead of security threats and events by utilising the latest, cutting-edge technology to protect your IT estate. Respond to security incidents and events with speed and precision 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a fully managed security operations.
  • Managed Endpoint Protection
    Improve your first line of defense with proactive, fully-managed endpoint protection for your entire organisation. Enhance your incident identification and response capability by protecting you end-user computing estate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Incident Response
Minimise the impact of a cyber attack when your business needs it the most. Protect your business with our proResolve Emergency Rapid Response service.

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