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Workplace and Mobility

The digital workplace is evolving rapidly. The need to connect with anyone, anywhere and at any time has become an integral part of how most organisations need to operate in a competitive marketplace. Business users expect IT services to be readily available yet flexible but this often results in the implementation of poorly integrated, functionally limited and potentially insecure computing solutions that fall short of meeting these demands. There is a better way to deliver IT services to your users...


Prodera Group provides digital Workplace and Mobility solutions that transform your organisation into a highly collaborative, productive and secure working environment. End-User Computing (EUC) has changed significantly in recent years and is no longer just about managing an estate of desktops and laptops. Maximising productivity and improving user experience is now a major priority for businesses as their workforce expands and users need to be more connected than ever before. Today, the objective is to give your business users access to the tools and services they need to do their jobs faster and smarter via multiple devices, in and out of the office.

Workplace mobility and increased remote working are key drivers in enabling and connecting your users so they can perform their duties effectively - but this can introduce new and sometimes complex business challenges that need to be addressed. To solve these challenges, our advanced workplace solutions encourage accessibility rather than enforcing restriction so your business users can securely access the applications and data they need, when they need it and from wherever they are in the world. The result... every user across your business can rely on the IT services they depend on every day with confidence knowing they are built to perform.

Empower users. Maintain control.

We have developed an innovative and user-centric solutions portfolio designed to deliver a truly digital workplace that works for an entire organisation. Working on a core principle of agility combined with flexible, secure and connected technology, it is possible for any organisation to adopt a workplace technology and end-user computing strategy that not only empowers users but still maintains operational control and increases performance from the onset.


Improve performance through accessible and intuitive IT services and digital workplace capabilities.


Protect digital assets while enabling users to access data securely and collaborate and communicate online safely.


Maintain a reliable presence everywhere your business needs it. Deliver a consistent experience to mobilise your workforce.


Corporate IT services and end-user computing capabilities can be the 'life blood' of any business. Without it, it is hard to comprehend how many organisations would suceed. However, many businesses inadvertently underinvest in maintaining a robust and reliable ecosystem for which their users can operate. A strong workplace technology strategy consists of progressive evolution to deliver new and advanced capabilities as the business demands it and is rarely about one-time investments in technology to fulfil the needs of its workforce. Because of this, we recognise a number of common challanges that organisations experience as a result of an ineffective end-user strategy for delivering IT services.

  • Inability to seamlessly and reliably deliver applications and desktop services to users consistently and safeguard corporate data adequately.
  • Disparate or limited endpoint/device management capabilities with a lack of standardisation, visibility and control.
  • Underperformance due to an aging and restrictive IT estate that hampers productivity and reduces business value.
  • Ineffective IT service management processes that result in poor customer experience, high support calls volumes and regular incidents.
  • Failed attempts at new initiatives, such as 'bring-your-own-device' (BYOD) and self-service capabilities to encourage flexibility and freedom.


Prodera Group is uniquely positioned to partner with your business to build a digital workplace that enables flexibility, increases mobility and improves user experience as a standard. Our Workplace and Mobility services are supported by industry-leading technologies and proven frameworks to deliver secure, performant and innovative end-user capabilities direct to your business and its workforce.

For more information on our services or to arrange a consultation, please contact us and our Workplace Technology Specialists will be happy to discuss your objectives with you.

  • Intelligent Workplace

    At the heart of our Workplace and Mobility portfolio is our proven approach to delivering end-user computing services utilising advanced virtualisation technology. By solving traditional endpoint management challenges; it is possible to accelerate and simplify the delivery of enterprise desktops and applications securely across your organisation combined with superior user experience.

    Our Intelligent Workplace solution provides a comprehensive platform for delivering next-generation workplace technology solutions that are tailored to your business requirements and specific user needs. Leveraging the latest in desktop and application virtualisation technology (VDI), device management solutions and enterprise mobility controls - a cost effective, high-performance and on-demand end-user computing platform is now within reach.

  • Enterprise Workforce Mobility

    Enterprise mobility isn’t a new concept. However, supporting the needs of a mobile workforce without compromising the integrity of your corporate systems can be a challenging prospect. With our Enterprise Workforce Mobility solution, your business can actively mobilise its workforce knowing that access to internal IT services is secure and scalable. Through the latest cutting-edge Mobile Device Management (MDM) technology and enterprise security tools, a fully integrated communication and collaboration capability can be delivered to your business users seamlessly regardless of device type or location.

    Enterprise Workforce Mobility is a great place to start if your business is considering a 'bring your own device' (BYOD) initiative or introducing a self-service capability with the aim of allowing your business users more freedom to work smarter. If you are simply looking to modernise your EUC services, then adopting an Enterprise Mobility strategy can provide a solid foundation for providing next-generation computing services.

  • Endpoint Modernisation Programme

    Planning any endpoint modernisation initiative can be a daunting prospect for any business, large or small. With the release of Microsoft Windows 10, keeping up-to-date with the latest endpoint Operating Systems can be a costly and lengthy process. We understand this problem, so to solve this issue we have devised an accelerated approach in modernising Windows-based endpoints.

    Our Windows 10 deployment suite provides an effective and automated platform for migrating your business to Windows 10, including your business applications, user profiles and endpoint management policies. As compliance with security requirements becomes increasingly more important, managing a secure endpoint estate is the first line of defence in protecting your business and shouldn't be overlooked.

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Our new Microsoft Office 365 Accelerator streamlines the evaluation and transition process, so your business can take advantage of the leading cloud productivity suite.
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